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Review of Ol’ Roy Dog Treats

Ol’ Roy Multi Flavored dog biscuits are value priced at one dollar per nearly two pounds. This particular brand of biscuits is a better value than offered by most store brand competitors. Wal-Mart offers a large selection of Ol’ Roy products.

All Ol’ Roy products are an exceptional value. It is a fact that not everyone can afford to feed his or her dogs a higher grade of food. If that is your situation, you should have confidence in Ol’ Roy products.

Ol’ Roy comes in many varieties. From the small bags of dog biscuits I mentioned earlier, to larger bags of Ol’ Roy treats that are a good value. Ol’ Roy offers the standard multi flavored biscuit, a meat basted bone for larger dogs, and a peanut Butter bone that looks like a Nutter Butter cookie. These bones are available in a five-pound bag for less than four dollars.

That is a great deal if you own multiple dogs or are making a donation to a dog shelter or rescue group. Ol’ Roy also offers jerky style treats, tiny t-bone treats, twisted flavor treats, puppy bones and vegetable treats. In the Ol’ Roy line of dog treats you can rest assured you will find an affordable treat that your dog will enjoy. If you feed your dog treats in moderation, you should not worry too much about the brand.

Wal-Mart offers a satisfaction guarantee on the Ol’ Roy Line of dog treats. There was a recent recall on the chicken and beef jerky type strips recently. Wal-Mart releases information quickly in the event of a recall. In this day and age you cannot blame the company who sells the product, we have all learned that most pet food is produced in the same facilities. The Pet Food Issues of 2007 go much deeper than if it is an Iams or Wal-Mart product.

In reality the higher priced foods offered in your local grocery store is really not that much better quality than the store brand. The higher priced foods have as many if not more artificial ingredients and fillers. Some times you are simply paying for a name.

I understand that some people cannot afford to buy specialty foods at a select retailer, or pet store. Some pet owners have unusual circumstances. Isn’t it better to feed your pet something designed for a dog, instead of not feeding it at all? You can trust Wal-Marts brand of dog treats.

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