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Review of Ol’ Roy Dog Treats

Ol’ Roy Multi Flavored dog biscuits are value priced at one dollar per nearly two pounds. This particular brand of biscuits is a better value than offered by most store brand competitors. Wal-Mart offers a large selection of Ol’ Roy products.

All Ol’ Roy products are an exceptional value. It is a fact that not everyone can afford to feed his or her dogs a higher grade of food. If that is your situation, you should have confidence in Ol’ Roy products.

Ol’ Roy comes in many varieties. From the small bags of dog biscuits I mentioned earlier, to larger bags of Ol’ Roy treats that are a good value. Ol’ Roy offers the standard multi flavored biscuit, a meat basted bone for larger dogs, and a peanut Butter bone that looks like a Nutter Butter cookie. These bones are available in a five-pound bag for less than four dollars.

That is a great deal if you own multiple dogs or are making a donation to a dog shelter or rescue group. Ol’ Roy also offers jerky style treats, tiny t-bone treats, twisted flavor treats, puppy bones and vegetable treats. In the Ol’ Roy line of dog treats you can rest assured you will find an affordable treat that your dog will enjoy. If you feed your dog treats in moderation, you should not worry too much about the brand.

Wal-Mart offers a satisfaction guarantee on the Ol’ Roy Line of dog treats. There was a recent recall on the chicken and beef jerky type strips recently. Wal-Mart releases information quickly in the event of a recall. In this day and age you cannot blame the company who sells the product, we have all learned that most pet food is produced in the same facilities. The Pet Food Issues of 2007 go much deeper than if it is an Iams or Wal-Mart product.

In reality the higher priced foods offered in your local grocery store is really not that much better quality than the store brand. The higher priced foods have as many if not more artificial ingredients and fillers. Some times you are simply paying for a name.

I understand that some people cannot afford to buy specialty foods at a select retailer, or pet store. Some pet owners have unusual circumstances. Isn’t it better to feed your pet something designed for a dog, instead of not feeding it at all? You can trust Wal-Marts brand of dog treats.

Vienna’s best: Mozart

Vienna is known for its composers and lovely classical music. One composer that has helped make Vienna well-known is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Known as one of the greatest composers of all time. He was in love with this capital city and this article gives you more information on him, his life, and life in Vienna.

His Life

Mozart was born in 1756 in Salzburg, Austria. He was from a middle-class family. Mozart had another sister, but his mother had seven children, but these were the only two to live. When he was very young, his parents recognized the talent he had, immediately. He had a wonderful ear for music. When he was three years old, he played chords on the harpsichord, by four years old, he was even composing his own music. He had precise pitch memory, and by six years of age, he was performing in Vienna.

best things to do in Vienna

In 1767, the family went to Vienna. This was also during the smallpox epidemic. They were in Vienna 15 months and Mozart wrote a one-act piece. As a 13-year-old, Mozart had exact fluency in music and was great at imitating musical pieces. His first Italian opera was done at this age as well. After Vienna, Mozart went on tour to Italy. After he returned to Salzburg and composed eight symphonies and many other works as well.

The Viennese Time Period

When Mozart moved to Vienna, he began to flourish and become much more successful. Mozart had a five-week time span in which he was performing at 22 concerts, as well as host 5 of his own. He started keeping records of his music, which helped him keep track and be aware of his composing. During his concerts, he would always play the piano, there were always some shenanigans somewhere during the show. Mozart wrote music every day in Vienna and it became an obsession and so easy for him. As if he were a prodigy of music.

Many people became fans of Mozart and dubbed him as the greatest performer and musician of all time. Mozart was a great composer and musician, but he was also in some serious financial holes. He had serious money woes and they got worse as time progressed. Mozart had very expensive tastes, from growing up middle class as a child. He was used to getting the finer things.

The Last Stand

When Mozart went on his last tour, his debts had grown, and his finances were still out of order. It didn’t seem as if he would catch a break. Mozart had to keep his servants, own a carriage, live very well, and nothing to show for it. He began asking for loans from different people and groups. He grew into a deep depression due to the money issues. He seemed to have manic episodes and often. He would even write letters home discussing his worries. Soon after, he died of what was called “military fever.” Some say he was poisoned, but no one will ever know.

Moray task force calls for MoD re-think on RAF bases (BBC)

Campaigners fighting to save RAF bases in Moray from possible closure have called on the Ministry of Defence not to delay a decision about their future.

Armed Forces Minister Nick Harvey last week said a decision on the future of Scottish RAF bases would not be made before the Scottish elections in May.

But Moray Task Force representatives said the delay was “unacceptable”.

RAF Lossiemouth and RAF Leuchars in Fife are both under threat, while RAF Kinloss is to close as an air base.

The bases have come under threat as the government considers a range of defence cuts following a strategic defence review.

The task force, made up of community and business leaders, called for the MoD to re-think its decision to hold off an announcement.

Lesley Ann Parker, from Moray Chamber of Commerce, said by announcing its plans in October last year, the UK government had created a time of uncertainty for RAF personnel, civilian staff and wider communities.

She said: “Every day without a decision impacts on local people’s lives and jobs.

“There is no other area in the UK where the effects of the MoD’s action, or lack of it, will be felt more.

“We believe there is a wide acceptance of the strategic defence, geographical, social and economic advantages for keeping the RAF in Moray.

“We had been told we would know by the spring. We will be again contacting the Ministry of Defence to ensure they understand the effects of this delay.”

She added: “It is utterly unacceptable that even now we are being left without any guarantees as to when this will be resolved.”

‘Dig deep’Meeting in Forres, the task force agreed it would “dig deep” and harden its resolve to continue fighting for the retention of the RAF in Moray.

During a visit to Moray on Friday, Mr Harvey said he understood the decision had “a human impact, a business impact and an impact on the housing market” and insisted the government would do its best to give clarity as soon as it could.

He added: “We haven’t actually delayed it any further, we’ve just offered clarification that an announcement could not be made during the election period, for the Scottish Parliamentary elections.”