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Waring Pro DHR20 525-Watt 5-Tray Food Dehydrator Review

A brief introduction to food dehydrators…

Did you know that you can dehydrate everything from fruit, vegetables, and beef jerky to eggs and milk?! Yep – eggs and milk can be dehydrated as well.

Many people don’t know this… In fact, many people don’t even realize all the benefits of food dehydration. They think spending a couple of bucks on a food dehydrator is a waste of money… Well, let’s have a look at this equation for a second:

Dehydration = Preserving food = Saving Money

Food dehydrators extract the moisture from the food and thereby eliminate the very cause of food decay. This way you can store your food for months and re-use it anytime you wish. Why throw away all the good food that you can’t eat right away? Dehydrate it!

Waring Pro DHR20 525-Watt 5-Tray Food Dehydrator – PROS & CONS

Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Waring Pro Food Dehydrator.

The first thing you’ll notice is its attractive visual appearance. Now, I’m not saying you should form your opinion based on appearance (can’t judge a book by its cover), but this is certainly a big plus. It’s also very rare to find a good looking food dehydrator; most of them are just plain ugly.

It is equipped with a powerful 525W top-mounted fan. This is also an advantage compared to the bottom-fan dehydrators. It is a good idea to keep the fan on top to prevent the potential damage of food juices that drip off the trays of the dehydrator.

There are 5 food trays included and they are all separately sealed so you can dehydrate fruit and vegetables in one tray and beef jerky in another, and the flavors won’t mix. When it’s time for cleaning, you can easily remove the trays and safely put them in your dishwasher (remember not to set too high temperature to avoid damage).

The Waring Pro DHR20 525-Watt 5-Tray Food Dehydrator has a temperature setting feature where you can manually adjust the temperature to either low, medium or high (depending on the food you’re drying and how fast you want it done). This was you can regulate both the pace and the intensity of the dehydration process. If you’re like me, you still want to check on your food every now and then. This is why the Waring Food Dehydrator has a clear-view cover that enables you to peak through and watch the food while it’s drying.

There are some possible improvements to be made though… For example, it would be really nice if you could set the exact temperature of drying instead of having to choose between the 3 default levels. Also, an integrated timer would be nice so you could simply ‘set it and forget it’… However, considering the price and the power of this dehydrator, these minor flaws shouldn’t bother anyone…

Upon purchasing, you will also get a small booklet to help you along, and a rock-solid 5 year warranty. The Waring Pro Food Dehydrator can be purchased online on Amazon!

Uchit ICO Blockchain Review

Uchit is a peer-to-peer communication platform that is based on the blockchain technology that aims to improve the way people communicate with one another and collaborate with team members. It also aims to solve the problem of strict regulations as well as government interference in the communication industry. This platform will provide users a way to directly exchange information without using any intermediaries. It also aims to be one of the leading file-sharing platforms.

uchit coinUchit has been founded by CRASS Infotech, which is the leading video game publisher in South Asia.


  • This platform uses an ERC20 protocol that is on the Ethereum blockchain, and the features are quite advanced with high-security encryption which makes it difficult for anyone to hack into. This makes the data and file sharing between the users safe and secure.
  • It allows users to search for collaborators by posting about their projects. Especially coders, artists or musicians looking for some help on their projects can find a partner through the Uchit platform.
  • The Uchit platform provides its users with a variety of tools that can help them be more creative, stay productive and help in project collaboration.

How Does It Work?

This platform has encryption on communication that is completely decentralized, which allows users to communicate or collaborate as and when they want. The process of communication takes place usually after a connection has been established between the peers. As the peers get connected to this platform, they can then begin collaborating with each other by sharing files or screens.

The tools that Uchit provides are video, voice and text chatting as well as sharing files, team-based tools, programming collaboration tools, webinars and much more. Overall, Uchit has a great business model that is quite unique and can allow individuals or groups to work more efficiently by providing them a platform to seek help and collaboration.

Details of UChit ICO

  • Total Tokens: 712,350,000 UCHT
  • Exchange: 1 ETH = 4500 UCHT
  • Pre-ICO Date: 1st May 2018 to 30th May 2018
  • Bonus: 20% (for pre-sale only)
  • Minimum Investment: 0.001 ETH
  • Crowd Sale Date: 1st June 2018 to 30th June 2018
  • Bonus: 5% only for crowd sale
  • Minimum Investment: 0.001 ETH
  • Soft Cap: $5,000,000
  • Hard Cap: $50,000,000

COSORI 6 Qt Programmable Pressure Cooker Review

If you are looking for investing in a pressure cooker; the COSORI 6 Qt Programmable Multi-Cooker, Pressure Cooker is the right product for you. It is available for you at a reasonable price and can perform a huge number of functions justifying its worth. See for more pressure cookers.


This pressure cooker is able to serve the purpose of many of your kitchen appliances and is able to sincerely replace them all. These appliances include a slow cooker, egg cooker, yogurt maker and the rice cooker. It also comes along with a recipe book in order to provide you with new dishes to try out. This pressure cooker has a sealing ring and also uses the glass lid; it is done to provide you the advantage of having a look at your food while it is cooking. This pressure cooker works on 1000 W powerful motor to provide you quick and efficient services. This pressure cooker is also made extremely easy to clean and is also compatible to be washed in a dishwasher. It fulfills all the safety standards and is extremely safe to be used by anyone. It is completely made up of the stainless steel in order to provide you the prolonged usage of the device. There are thirteen different programs that you can use to operate this device. These programs are micro-processed in order to provide you high quality and efficient services.


  • COSORI 6This pressure cooker is extremely easy to be used and also convenient to understand the proper functioning as well.
  • It is easily able to offer you the versatile services and help you create a lot of different recipes.
  • It promotes the consumption of healthy meals and allows you to create all of them at home.
  • All the safety measures are properly taken care of.
  • This pressure cooker also comes along with a time and energy saver.
  • It is able to offer you versatile services without any problem


  • There are not any drawbacks of this pressure cooker.


The COSORI 6 Qt Programmable Multi-Cooker, Pressure Cooker surely is the best product that you can consider investing your money in. It surely is able to offer you the required versatility and can also become your helping hand in the kitchen. It is sure that you will not, in any case, be disappointed by the services offered by this very product.

‘Born To Fly’ video hits the web!

I am delighted to inform everyone that I got my hands on the final video for our campaign son ‘Born to Fly’ yesterday, and it is now available to view on YouTube!

Although a few days later than originally anticipated the video has now been completed and made available to view online. You can watch below or on our YouTube Channel, and please share it with as many people as possible through all the usual places!

News on the CDs, DVDs and iTunes release should be here soon…

Moray task force calls for MoD re-think on RAF bases (BBC)

Campaigners fighting to save RAF bases in Moray from possible closure have called on the Ministry of Defence not to delay a decision about their future.

Armed Forces Minister Nick Harvey last week said a decision on the future of Scottish RAF bases would not be made before the Scottish elections in May.

But Moray Task Force representatives said the delay was “unacceptable”.

RAF Lossiemouth and RAF Leuchars in Fife are both under threat, while RAF Kinloss is to close as an air base.

The bases have come under threat as the government considers a range of defence cuts following a strategic defence review.

The task force, made up of community and business leaders, called for the MoD to re-think its decision to hold off an announcement.

Lesley Ann Parker, from Moray Chamber of Commerce, said by announcing its plans in October last year, the UK government had created a time of uncertainty for RAF personnel, civilian staff and wider communities.

She said: “Every day without a decision impacts on local people’s lives and jobs.

“There is no other area in the UK where the effects of the MoD’s action, or lack of it, will be felt more.

“We believe there is a wide acceptance of the strategic defence, geographical, social and economic advantages for keeping the RAF in Moray.

“We had been told we would know by the spring. We will be again contacting the Ministry of Defence to ensure they understand the effects of this delay.”

She added: “It is utterly unacceptable that even now we are being left without any guarantees as to when this will be resolved.”

‘Dig deep’Meeting in Forres, the task force agreed it would “dig deep” and harden its resolve to continue fighting for the retention of the RAF in Moray.

During a visit to Moray on Friday, Mr Harvey said he understood the decision had “a human impact, a business impact and an impact on the housing market” and insisted the government would do its best to give clarity as soon as it could.

He added: “We haven’t actually delayed it any further, we’ve just offered clarification that an announcement could not be made during the election period, for the Scottish Parliamentary elections.”